The success of the HR team in your organisation is dependant on the level of support from senior management within the company, especially that of the CEO or COO.

Seven things to consider when establishing or reviewing your HR Team:

  1. Size of the organisation
  2. Who will the role report to?
  3. Primary tasks and industry of the HR personnel
  4. This can be dependent on the industry, i.e. stevedoring industry is renowned for being Safety and IR focused
  5. How many people are required in the team? Realistically consider how many man hours per week are required to delegate to each HR function
  6. Functions that are not being actioned adequately e.g. safety, payroll, risk management, performance management or recruitment
  7. Are systems/processes/procedures already established and effective?
  8. Consideration of continuous improvement and review - is this something that is actually being done?

Before employing new staff, it is important to identify what position/s the organisation needs in order to meet the above requirements:
HR Manager - Largely decision maker with some input from executive management. Manages all facets of HR functions and in most cases would have one or several direct reports.
HR Advisor - Looked upon to provide expert advice and guidance particularly in areas such as IR, Awards Interpretation, Performance management, Organisational culture. Often this role is largely project focused, however can have an day-to-day operational aspect tied in as well.
HR Coordinator - Coordinates and provides advice on all facets of HR functions but supports and seeks approval from CEO/Director before making any decisions. May have one or several direct reports.
HR Officer - Senior management seeks advice and guidance from this role, however an officer operates under limited instruction from management and seeks approval with all decisions. May have one direct report dependant on size of organisation.
HR Administrator - Support and administration role and operates under direct instruction from management. No direct reports.       1.10.13

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Whose Hiring and Firing? - The latest stats

According to the latest ABS figures (as at 20 June 2013) Qld Manufacturing continues to feel the pain of tough business conditions with 7.6% out of a job. This record rate follows the Accommodation and Food Services sector (8.1%) which is being challenged by consumer’s unwillingness to spend. On the other hand, Education and Training felt a jump of 4.5% employment, which could be reflective of people’s decision to upgrade their qualifications and enhance their employability. And, State Government made dramatic employment cuts to their workforce, but the Health Care and Social Services sector continues to be the highest employer with 12.1% of the total Queensland workforce employed in the field. Job creation in Qld Construction remained low at 7.6%.
Date: 23.07.13

Do you know TedTalks?

It's a website containing presentations on every topic imaginable. Drew Dudley ( is one speaker who features on the site and his take on good leadership certainly rings true...

Interestingly he notes that many of us seem reluctant to fess up our leadership aspirations. Okay, not everyone wants to be commander of the ship (and thank God for that!) but is our hesitation a fear that others may not feel the same? Or that we may be viewed as vain or arrogant? Should it really matter? If you harbour ambitions to lead, then you’re likely to be determined, driven, independently minded and willing to take on responsibility for the sake of others - talents we all admire. So, far from being a trait possessed only by the few, leadership quality is in all of us and is essential in all areas of business. It depends on our willingness to apply it.

It's definitely a word bandied about lately (and I'm not just referring to our political leaders). Global economic uncertainty continues to impact on hiring activity and with smaller profit margins, businesses remain resistant to growth. When employers do hire, there's a noticeable emphasis on applicants with natural leadership skills. It makes sense employers want people that they can trust to really drive their business. With less time and money, they want the expertise or at least those who can prove their mettle in a tougher business climate. There has never been a better time to step up.
Date: 09.07.13

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The Ostrich vs. The Chameleon

The current market is tough for everyone but it’s how we rise to the challenges ahead that determine our future success.  It's especially true for job seekers. Those who rely on a traditional job search approach are finding results are hard to come by today, but those willing to adapt themselves to the more competitive and unpredictable market are finding results come their way much faster. Which one are you?
The ostrich or the chameleon?

With increasing use of social media and online job boards, the recruitment industry itself has had to change its ways and expand its resources to find the best people. No longer is it safe to assume that a good resume and cover letter will suffice. For those with big ambitions, the approach to finding work should include an online profile review. If you are a job seeker, consider your social network and the value of who you are connected to. Odds are your next employer will check that out.

In a tighter economic climate, employers value networks as much as they do with their own intellectual property. Good connections can mean the difference between you and someone else and can be used to help your employer find their next star recruit. Contacts are potential business opportunities for a business, the same way your network could have employment opportunities for you. Stay actively engaged with others inside and outside of your work - who knows when opportunity will come knocking?
Date: 25.06.13

The Brand of Branson

The recent sight of Sir Richard Branson fully kitted up in a flight attendant’s uniform was enough to water the eyes of every airline passenger on that Air Asia flight. The CEO of Virgin Australia was fulfilling a bet which he’d lost to the carrier’s CEO but, never one to miss an opportunity, cleverly coincided the occasion with the launch of his new regional airline carrier in Western Australia while raising funds for charity.

The event attracted global attention and raised more than $200,000 for The Starlight Foundation. It was pure PR gold!

You have to take your hat off to Sir Richard, a CEO who is the face of his company. In sticking to his own unique style of business, he has transcended Virgin Australia from a business to a carefully crafted brand that represents fun and adventure. Even on this occasion, no-one cared that Sir Richard was dressed in a competing airline’s uniform. After all, this is Branson and he IS Virgin Australia, the brand.

If you know you excel in what you do, have fun doing it and tell enough people, then you’re likely to build a brand or reputation that people understand and want to be a part of.

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What do you stand for.............?

Focus Really Does Pay Off!

This presentation by Richard St. John reminds us of how vitally important it is to focus if we want to achieve our goals.
Focus really does help us succeed! How many distractions do you have in your life?

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I have always been very impressed with the quality of service I have received from Electus. They are reliable, efficient, professional and – above all – truthful. This alone sets them out from much of their competition. T Gamage, Financial and Reporting Accountant, Utilities 

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