August Seminar - Critical Issues NFP - 19th August 2014

Seminar suggests not-for-profits need to change

Attendees at the Electus Recruitment 19th August Seminar – Profit in a non-profit world – enjoyed an active discussion around the rapid changes faced by the NFP sector. There was similar sentiment across the group when all 3 speakers highlighted the importance for not-for-profits to embrace the positive aspects of operating in a more for-profit like manner if they are to maintain their market share and stay financially strong.

Matthew Turnour, Chairman, Newmann & Turnour Lawyers shared that he considers not-for-profit to be a fast and rapidly changing sector. He also said, while Australian’s are number one economically, there is an increased burden on not-for-profits to carry the weight of citizens post global financial crisis.

Peter Lucas, Director, Kestrel Solutions Pty Ltd said that reduced government support, increased pressure on donations and fundraising revenue, and increased costs are all having an impact on the not-for-profit sector. He also explained that a business service approach is required; not-for-profits need to be productive, efficient, sustainable and have good governance.

Our own CEO, Fiona Hackett, closed the session and said that not-for-profits need to be clear about what they can offer prospective employees; the focus shouldn’t be solely on monetary value as funds are not always readily available.

A warm thanks is extended to those who attended the occasion, and to those who helped make it happen.

Special mention to:

Perpetual Limited

Anushka de Silva -  Light & Ink

Rebecca Parry – Splendid Occasions  

The Electus Recruitment seminar series aims to help you to make informed decisions about your future success. A full update of our September issue will be included in our next blog edition of Connected.

Peter Lucas, Director (Kestrel Solutions), Matthew Turnour, Principal
(Newmann & Turnour 
Lawyers), Fiona Hackett, Principal (Electus Recruitment)

Peter Lucas (Kestrel Solutions), Matthew Turnour (Newmann & Turnour

Wendy Protheroe, Managing Director (BoysTown), Bob Malcolm
(Professional Credit Union 

Chris McCarthy, CEO (Hear and Say)

Wendy Protheroe (BoysTown), Bob Malcolm (Professional Credit
Union Ltd)

Fiona Hackett (Electus Recruitment), Richard Galvin, Senior Consultant
(Kestrel Solutions)

Jessica Williamson, Executive Support (Electus Recruitment),
Nicolle Dempsey (Electus 

Kylie Hogan (National Disability Services), Len Airey, Partner (DCA Advisory
Services), Jessica Williamson (Electus Recruitment)

Matthew Turnour (Newmann & Turnour Lawyers), Fiona Hackett 
(Electus Recruitment)

Fiona Hackett (Electus Recruitment), Chris McCarthy (Hear and Say),
Samantha Kennerley, CEO (Youngcare)

Richard Galvin (Kestrel Solutions), Peter Lucas (Kestrel Solutions),
Matthew Turnour (Newmann & Turnour Lawyers), Fiona Hackett
(Electus Recruitment)

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